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You should keep your eyes open when buying a tent

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Do you need low-cost storage systems for industrial buildings or warehouses that can be relocated without loss of asset value? If you are not afraid to use modern innovative solutions that can help you save time and significantly increase the mobility of your business, then the movable portable Industrial tent is for you.

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  • About our movable portable Industrial tent

  • The following points of the tent should be considered

About our movable portable Industrial tent

The movable portable Industrial tent is a self-contained freestanding structure based on fixing and tensioning of flexible flame retardant PVC. Movable portable Industrial tent for practical and cost-effective storage that, thanks to the structure, exerts a little load on the ground and therefore does not require expensive foundations. Unlike modern steel-frame buildings, industrial tents can be secured with ground anchors and ratchet straps for quick deployment. And our buildings don't require the use of any internal ropes, so the entire volume can be used for your business activities.

Our team proposed installing 2 L-Series canopy structures over the existing industrial L-shaped structure to ensure that cargo loading and unloading are always under cover. This way there is no need to worry that the package may be damaged by the weather.

The following points of the tent should be considered

(1) Air permeability: it must be considered, especially for military Tent fabrics. Influencing factors include fabric structure, density, material, resin adhesion, etc. As the amount of resin attached increases, the air permeability of the tarpaulin decreases, which is also related to the waterproofing finishing agent used. Generally, most breathable tents are made of short-fiber fabrics such as cotton and nylon and are finished with paraffin or acrylic resin.

(2) Tensile strength: The tarpaulin must withstand various tensile forces when it is in use, such as the tension when it is fixed and tight and the additional forces such as wind and rain during use. Under the action of these external forces, the Tent tarpaulin still needs a high tensile strength to maintain its original shape and not easily deform. Usually, the base fabric is made of high-strength polyester, nylon, and other medium fibers, which have a waterproof function and are finished with vinyl chloride resin and chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of the fiber material and the density of the textile.

(3) Elongation and dimensional stability: As backstay tents and large tents, they are often used under tension, so the elongation of the fabric should not be too large. And its dimensional stability is determined by the creep characteristics of the material.

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