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Why Not Choose an Outdoor Wedding Marquee Tent for Your Fabulous Banquet

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In our country, the ‘marriage crazehas just passed, and weddings have been varied in the past few months. There are traditional indoor hotels for big banquets and new outdoor open lawn parties. If you choose outdoor wedding tents, it can be said to be a combination of the two, which can not only provide shade and sun protection but also get in touch with the surrounding natural environment. As we all know, marriage requires many procedures, and a wedding is a very important part of it. Every couple naturally wants to have a unique wedding banquet of their own. So if you choose our LP Outdoors marquee tent to hold a wedding party, what should you pay attention to?


(1)First of all, in terms of time, if the tent is set up before the wedding, the time for tent construction and decoration must be considered at the same time. When the wedding team and venue have sufficient time, then book an outdoor tent, to avoid the panic of temporary preparations before the wedding.

(2)The second issue is the location. Where is your outdoor wedding held? Not every place can be set up with a wedding tent. It is generally considered to build it on the flat ground, but not suitable for upland, lakes, etc.

(3) Besides, tents have strict restrictions on the size of the wedding in terms of the environment and are generally not suitable for super large weddings. If you need a customized wedding tent, you can determine the number of wedding guests earlier.

(4)The last item is catering. In general, the lawn tents of hotels can provide guests with catering services, but if you set up your own tents in the open space, you must book the catering services in advance. For example, in summer, if the inside of the tent is relatively hot, try to avoid using perishable food. So please ensure the catering supply first, and then consider the tent wedding.


LP Outdoors wedding tents are available in a variety of shapes, especially can provide you with super nice-looking transparent wedding tents, and the size is not limited, and the span is customized from 3 to 50M, so it can be applied on different occasions, as small as outdoor weddings for dozens of people, as large as thousands of people. We will also be equipped with various accessories, including floors, carpets, lighting, curtains, air-conditioning, etc., to create a wedding that you will never forget. We are committed to supporting you for the wedding tent project, if you need it, you can contact us at any time!

Why Not Choose an Outdoor Wedding Marquee Tent for Your Fabulous Banquet







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