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Why LP Outdoors Choose Aluminum Alloy as the Outdoor Marquee Tent Frame Material

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The frame material of the tent is generally composed of alloy and steel, and aluminum alloy, as one of the mixed materials, is much stronger than other materials. Now let's learn more about what aluminum alloy is, and why did our LP Outdoors choose it as the frame of various marquee tents.

(1) What: In the metal smelting process, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon, chromium, and other elements are added to pure aluminum to become aluminum alloy.

(2) Advantages: The biggest one of aluminum alloy is that it greatly improves the mechanical strength and surface hardness of aluminum, while still maintaining the inherent light-weight of aluminum, which greatly increases its use-value. Especially after the diversified surface treatment, it not only has a shiny metallic reflection but also has a very smooth and dense surface, the soft and gorgeous color, so it has become an interior decoration material with excellent performance and a wide range of uses. It is precisely because of that our LP Outdoors tent can not only be a variety of customized tents but also ensure its safety and use extensibility.

(3) Nice Manufacturability: Aluminum alloy has low hardness, good moulding, easy processing, and fast forming. Various processing methods can be used to produce various semi-finished and finished products, such as plates, rods, wires, section bar, and casting, etc. And the cutting performance of aluminum alloy is also very good.

(4) Good Anti-corrosion: In the medium where the environment air, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide hinder chemical reactions, aluminum has good corrosion resistance. Because aluminum reacts with air to form aluminum oxide, which is inactive and has a barrier effect on water and air. Therefore, the service life of LP Outdoors outdoor marquee tents will be longer than that of general tents on the market, and we will apply the protective layer of steel a second time to achieve higher quality than other peers.

The hardness of the aluminum alloy determines the service life of the aluminum material and affects the strength and stability of the tent structure. The high-strength aluminum alloy material can withstand the severe environment. So our LP Outdoors Tents adopt 6061-T6 HW16 aluminum materials of high specification, with high solidity and good strength, which can fully meet the needs of dealing with bad weather and large spans of the outdoor marquee tents.

Why LP Outdoors chose aluminum alloy as the Tent frame







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