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We provide good tents that meet your needs

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With the progress of society and the development of modernization, the storage Tent industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. We at LP Outdoors supply high-quality movable portable Warehouse tents with large storage space that offer maximum protection against weather conditions and reduce damage costs.

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  • Advantages of our movable portable Warehouse tent

  • What does a good tent look like?

Advantages of our movable portable Warehouse tent

Our movable portable Warehouse tent can satisfy container handling and high mechanical work. It adopts a combination of high-strength aluminum alloy and PVC tarpaulin with a modular structure, 20m wide, and the space utilization rate is within 100%, without columns. You can also install sandwich walls and ABS walls around your warehouse tent.

The structure is simple, the movable portable Warehouse tent is safe, reusable, and easy to install and disassemble. You can build a detachable and movable temporary tent of more than 5,000 square meters within one month.

What does a good tent look like?

(1) Tear resistance: The damage to the Tent tarpaulin is mainly caused by tearing, so the tear strength is an important indicator. This is also related to whether the tarpaulin will form a hole for some reason, and whether it will be broken due to the action of external objects or extending around. Therefore, when the tensile force is large, the tarpaulin is required to have high tensile strength and tear resistance at the same time.

(2) Water resistance: It is an important indicator of the Tent cover. Through impregnation and finishing, vinyl chloride resin is filled in the voids of the fabric to form a coating film. Water resistance is not a problem if the amount of resin adhesion per unit area exceeds a certain level. If the coating film is thin, it is easy to crack when it is bent, rubbed, or worn, resulting in water leakage.

(3) Flame retardancy: From the perspective of use safety, tent tarpaulins are required to have good flame retardancy. This can be achieved by selecting flame-retardant fibers and base fabrics or adding flame retardants to the coating agent. The amount of flame retardant added is directly related to the flame retardant effect.

In addition to the above performance requirements, tarpaulins are also required to have superior cold resistance, heat resistance, creep resistance, repeated fatigue resistance, and bending resistance. Our movable portable Warehouse tent has a good aluminum alloy structure, and the tarpaulin is also made of high-strength high-quality double-sided PVC synthetic fiber material. In addition to achieving the above performance, it has also passed various tests and reached various international standards.

Today's Tent standards are also becoming more and more internationally uniform. Our company focuses on first-class quality and produces products of high quality and low price with guaranteed quality. If you need to buy a Tent, you can try our company's products. Our company website is We look forward to your visit, we will provide you with good products and quality service to ensure your shopping experience! Thank you for reading.







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