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Two Cold Area Problems Can be Solved by LPOutdoors Snow and Wind-resistance Aluminum Construction Tents

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With the improvement of tent materials,current LPOutdoors tents and ordinary tents on the market basically have a long service life and sufficient safety, but many areas in the north have heavy snow in winter, so some customers will worry about the safety of the tents. Regarding the use of the tents in cold areas, customers most often worry about the following issues:

1. In cold areas, the temperature is low in winter, and it is usually below zero. Can the thermal insulation of the tent be satisfied?

2. Wind and snow weather often occurs in cold areas, and the wind is relatively strong. Can the tent withstand the strong wind and the backlog of snow load, and can the safety be guaranteed?

 Two Cold Area Problems Can be Solved by LPoutdoors Snow and Wind-resistance Aluminum Construction Tents

Since LP Outdoors has more than ten years of experience in exporting and manufacturing tents, even in areas with heavy snowfall, there are exclusive tents response strategies and programs.


First of all, thermal insulation: for this cold weather in the northern region, there will be corresponding measures. We can add a layer of insulation cotton and elastic cloth to the interior of the tent. If it is a warehouse tent, it can also be used rock wool sandwich side panels, which can improve the thermal insulation effect.


Second, snow load and wind resistance: the standard aluminum tent can withstand grade 8-10 strong winds. If the area where the tent is used is an area with a lot of snow in the north, then we can adopt some large slope roof ridge designs Tents, such as curve tents and spherical tents —— the snow on the roof will naturally slide down to a certain degree, which fundamentally solves the safety problems caused by snow to the tent. And the spherical tent can even carry 1 meter of snow thick.


Others: in addition to choosing a suitable tent type, for areas with heavy snow, we can also choose higher specifications and thicker profiles, which can greatly improve the tent's ability to withstand wind and load snow. Of course, this will also lead to an increase in the cost of the tent.

 Two Cold Area Problems Can be Solved by LPOutdoors Snow and Wind-resistance Aluminum Curve Tents

Strengthening measures:

If it is only occasionally in heavy snow and wind, we can still use conventional profiles if it is judged to be safe by our engineering technology, and then make some strengthening measures for the tent, such as fixing methods, using cross steel cables, and so on. It can enhance the safety and stability of the tent, and it is more economical. 

If you are worried about the windy and snowy weather and want to know more, you can contact our customer service at any time. According to your worries, we will provide you with the best quality tent solution in the first time.








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