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Three Reasons Why LP Outdoors Wind-resistant Aluminum Fabric Tents in the Desert Still Perform Well

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Desert arid areas have always been sparsely populated, but their mystery has always been very desirable. Therefore, there are more and more commercial developments in those areas. Many parts of the development process require fabricated tent buildings. Then in desert areas can aluminum tents be used? Compared to ordinary areas, are the materials and fabrics of aluminum alloy tents in the desert different? Today, LP Outdoors would introduce you constitution of aluminum tents in the desert one by one.


Three Reasons Why LP Outdoors Wind-resistant Aluminum Fabric Tents in the Desert Still Perform Well

Due to the influence of terrain and natural factors in desert areas, if traditional buildings want to carry out large-scale construction in this environment, it will not only damage the surrounding features, but also cost a lot, so the development level of these areas has not been high. However, with the guidance of tourism economy, the characteristics of desert areas have been gradually developed, and the prefabricated building has also provided an alternative scheme for the construction of desert areas. At present, many desert camps or accommodation, catering, large venues and other spaces are using this aluminum fabric tent, and the effect is very good in three key issues.


Wind resistance: The wind and sand in desert area is particularly heavy, and the frame of the tent building is made of 6061-T6 high-quality aluminum alloy profile, which has a strong wind resistance ability. The wind resistance of the shelter can be improved by thickening the profile and strengthening measures. With the use of PVC cover also has good tear-resistance, also can effectively resist wind and sand!


Stability: There are not too many restrictions on the setup of aluminum tents. Even on soft bases such as deserts, some relevant and suitable fixing methods can be used, and the stability of the tents can be guaranteed. Or you can build the tent on the platform, which not only provides a flat ground for the tent, but also helps to walk and upgrade the tent space with the use of the floor and carpet.


Service life: Although the service time of the prefabricated building is not as good as that of the traditional fixed building, it also has a very good service life. Like the aluminum alloy frame has a longest service life of more than 20 years, and we will also perform electrophoresis on the surface of the aluminum alloy profile to prevent it from being corroded by wind and sand and increase the life. The covering tarp material also has a useful life of 5-8 years, and if it is damaged, you can only replace the tarpaulin, and the overall service life is not to worry about.


In general, the aluminum fabric tent has no problem in safety when used in desert areas. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of fast and efficient construction without water and soil operation. Moreover, LP Outdoors has made many tents used in those areas, which can provide you with a good scheme. In fact, no matter which area you use the tent, LP Outdoors will provide you with the best solution to meet your site needs. If you are also in trouble to choose what style of tent, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will give you the most professional answer in the first time.








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