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The movable portable Warehouse tent will be your good helper

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With the improvement of production capacity and the rapid growth of the business, or the imperfect storage planning, many production and logistics enterprises are prone to the problem of insufficient storage space. The movable portable Warehouse tent can solve the storage problems currently encountered by enterprises.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a movable portable Warehouse tent

  • Extend the life of the tent

What is a movable portable Warehouse tent?

Warehouse construction that wastes time and cost will no longer attract the attention of enterprises. At present, most enterprises prefer to lease factories as warehouses, and many enterprises can provide warehouse leasing and hosting services.

First of all, the cost of renting a warehouse is not cheap. Secondly, the location of the warehouse cannot be chosen at will, which increases the cost of logistics and transportation, and causes problems such as storage management and efficiency. These problems will bring great pressure on the operation of enterprises.

The movable portable Warehouse tent is a new type of modular production assembly. The cumbersome steps and procedures in the traditional construction process are eliminated so that the warehouse plan can be implemented quickly and efficiently in a short period, and the large tent space can be quickly built for storage. Industrial storage tents solve emergency storage problems in peak seasons such as production and logistics, and are very suitable for temporary storage solutions for enterprises!

Not only that, the cost of a movable portable Warehouse tent is much lower than that of traditional construction, but the specific price depends on the span and accessories of the warehouse tent. The price of some large-span storage tents will be higher, but the initial investment can be reduced by choosing the type of storage tent. At the same time, the storage tent has a long service life, which greatly improves the economic benefits.

The construction site of the movable portable Warehouse tent is not restricted, and idle land resources are effectively utilized. If the company plans to move the factory or adjust the operation in the future, the warehouse tent can also be disassembled and relocated, and reused many times!

Extend the life of the tent

1. Please read the method carefully before installation, or watch the installation video provided by LP Outdoors for each customer, so as not to affect the use effect.

2. Avoid sharp objects from scratching the Tent. The integrity of the tarpaulin is the premise to ensure the waterproof and windproof function.

3. After the Tent is used up, all spare parts should be collected and reused.

4. After the tent parts are disassembled, please pay attention that the weight of each bracket should not exceed 200 kg when stacking.

5. Handle with care during transportation to prevent damage to the outer packaging, so as not to lose the accessories of the outdoor tent.

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