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Multifunctional Aluminum Double-floor Tents Meet the Needs of Various Outdoor Activities

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Do you have the trouble that the site is small but the space you need is big? Have you ever been so frustrated that you can't solve the problem of material and human settlement? Then the multifunctional aluminum double-floor tent is your best choice! The two-story tent has the same floor surface as the integrated tent but has two floors, which greatly solves the problem of being unable to choose a large-capacity tent due to site restrictions. And it is mainly used in large-scale outdoor exhibition activities and sports events, saving economic costs with a small area and large space. This kind of outdoor tent is movable, has strong weatherability, which is quick and simple to build, and is not restricted by the ground.In addition, the double-storey tent has a comfortable balcony that allows you to enjoy a wider view, and you can also choose stairs, fences and various interior decoration accessories. Therefore, the double-floor tent in LP Outdoors can be used in many ways, truly achieving multiple uses in one room.

Multifunctional Aluminum Doublefloor Tents Meet the Needs of Various Outdoor Activities

1. Auto Exhibition Tent

It generally adopts a transparent glass wall on the first floor and a simple open fence on the second floor, which is convenient for the audience to watch the exhibition vehicles and activities up close. For the convenience of viewing, both sides of the tent are equipped with stairs.

2. Food Festival Tent

The first floor of the glass-walled food festival activity double-floor tent is used for dining and food sales, and the second floor of the tent is the VIP lounge. The side walls of the tent are glass walls and white ABS walls. The ABS walls of the double-floor tent will be as stable as a permanent building, which is easy to build and disassemble.

3. Stand Tent

It usually appears in a series of sports events, such as the sailing race and the racecourse. LP Outdoors can customize the corresponding tents according to the specific ground situation and actual functions of the stands. Generally, a simple fence or a transparent glass wall is selected as the side wall on the first floor, and the same decoration style is adopted on the second floor to facilitate events watching.

4. Storage tent

It is the most economical choice for seasonal businesses. A company needs to increase its warehouse space during peak seasons as its business volume grows. In the off-season, the space requirements for the warehouse will also become smaller. At this time, increase or decrease the warehouse space according to the specific usage conditions to maximize economic benefits. In addition, the installation cost of a double-floor tent is only a small part of the cost of a fixed building of the same size. Moreover, the construction time is short and the maintenance cost is low.


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