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Luxury white mixed marquee tent with glass walls for meeting

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Luxury white mixed marquee tent with glass walls 

for meeting


  People accustomed to a variety of innovative products have been unable to be satisfied with the common shape of the tent. At present, luxury white mixed marquee tent with glass walls for meeting has become the new favorite of each company with its unique modeling.


  Mixed marquee tents mainly are mixed the different type of tents according to the requirements of users, usually choose hip ends tent and pagoda tent, to create a special shape of tents. Unique shape brings better visual experience, often used at high-grade gorgeous outdoor activities, for example, big meeting.


  In addition to beautiful appearance of marquee tent for meeting,  the safety of white mixed marquee tent with glass wall also is the factor that must be considered. Big luxury mixed marquee tents from LPoutdoors are made of high quality stamped aluminium and fabric is able to resist strong winds and heavy rain. The modular structure of the aluminum frame also reduces the pressure of construction and transportation, and the fabric is easy to clean, with low maintenance costs.


  Accessories can also be added according to the needs and projects to make the tent more beautiful,  such as glass walls, glass doors, air conditioning, etc. Or to make the structure more stable, you can also equip the weight plate and guy rope.


Item Spec
diagoal 10 15 20 25 30
regual polygon 8 8 10 12 16
side length 3.8 5.7 6.2 6.5 5.9
side height 3 3 4 4 4
peak height 4.8 5.5 7.3 8.1 8.9
middle purlin 1
2 3 4 5
scissors(pairs) 2 2 2 3 4
max allowed wind speed 80km/h
frame materoal hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6
eave connnection galvanized steeel inserted
cover material 850g/sqm(24 Ounce) laminate Vinyl PVC, waterproof , fire retardant M2
optional accessories Grass anchors lining, light, wood flooring, slide glass door and so on.

mixed tent2

mixed tents

mixed tent in factory

15M marquee tent with transparent window (4)

>>Product Advantage


Our manufactory   

Some manufactories

Side height


lower 2.7m or 2.5m

Aluminum profile

Bigger 166x88x3mm

Smaller 122x68x2.5mm profile

Fabric material

850g/sqm, special treated

750g/sqm or 650g/sqm, no special treated

Steel joints

Good welding, 

Spray salt resistant 144 hour

Bad welding, 

Spray salt resistant about 80 hour

Assembly accuracy

Bolt and holes can fit exactly and fixed

Bolt is difficult to get through hole and fixed.

Transparency PVC      

UV Aging test, -20º C resistant

No UV Aging test, can' t be 20º C resistant


Nylon rope+Nickel Eyelet

Zippper, easy broken or cotton rope, easy rot


Bigger rachet+nylon 50mm ribbon

Small rachet+polyester ribbon, easy breaken

Cover lappetstructure

Aluminum rails+screw bolt

Elastic rope, easy breaken and water can' t flow.

Roof wire

201# steel wire, stainlesss

Generally steel wire, easy stain

Support beam

  " X" brace beam, galvanized steel

port beam, thin aluminum

Gable triangle wall

The middle is aluminum slots

The middle is velcro or rope.

Wind loading

Wind loading 80km/h test report

No Wind loading test report

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