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How do You Choose a Suitable Exhibition Tent for the Essential Trade Fair

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Today, the 2020 China International Import Expo(CIIE) officially opened in Shanghai. As for the exposition, it won’t be unfamiliar to you. Whether you have participated in reality or learned about it in online news, the impression usually leaves is that the indoor physical building is the exposition venue. But in fact, many small and medium-sized fairs are keen to be held outdoors, and some large-scale fairs often need to add additional venues outdoors because of the lack of indoor venues. Therefore, in many cases, some exhibition tents are needed. But how to choose?


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Because the fair is a relatively large-scale event, in addition to the simple small tents shown in the figure above as a supplement, some people will directly choose to use large aluminum alloy prefabricated tents, so the specifications of the exhibition tents are actually optional. At present, the span (width) of the trade fair exhibition tent can be 3-60 meters, but a large span such as 40-60 meters requires some large manufacturers to provide it, and there is no major limitation in length.


For some large trade fairs, due to a large number of exhibitors and participants, a large area of tent space is usually needed. At this time, large-span tents such as 30-50 meters are often used. To create exhibition venues of thousands of square meters, the side height of the tent will be increased accordingly. The conventional side height is 5 meters, but large span specifications like 50 meters are also available for 8 meters height. Therefore, the specific price of the exhibition tent would be calculated according to the specifications and configuration requirements.


While for small and medium-sized trade fairs, due to the scale, the space required will not be too large. Generally, a span of 5-20 meters is a more appropriate specification, and the length is selected according to the needs of the actual venue. A tent of 4 meters high can basically meet the normal use of ordinary trade fairs. Of course, if there are special circumstances that require a higher side height, our LP Outdoors can also customize it for you! If you happen to have needs in this regard, please contact us.

How do You Choose a Suitable Exhibition Tent for Essential Trade Fair







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