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Halloween Is Only A Few Days Away

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Halloween= Pumpkin?

When you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is the pumpkin. It is not. Legend has it that on the New Year of the Druids in ancient Western Europe which is November 1, New Year’s Eve, the Druids let young people gather and wear various strange masks, walking around the villages with carved carrot lanterns. Later on, it is said that because the material and shape of the pumpkin are more suitable for lantern making, it has gradually become the endorsement product of Halloween. And its orange color has become the traditional Halloween color. As the hometown of pumpkins, many places in the United States hold a pumpkin festival from September to October every year. People can choose their favorite pumpkins at will. And the classic pumpkin pie has become a traditional home-made dessert in the southern United States from late autumn to early winter.


Spend Halloween happily

Whenever Halloween comes, children will eagerly put on all kinds of costumes and weird masks, then walk from door to door with pumpkin lanterns asking for gifts, this is the well-known "Trick or treat". In addition to the children, adults also have a great time at this festival. They search for Halloween-themed costumes in advance for dress-up parties, parades, etc., meet friends together to watch horror movies, and carry out novel and fun outdoor treasure hunts. All kinds of festive forms make people look forward to it after thinking about it!


Unfortunate Halloween 2020

As you can see, Halloween is coming, but in this special period, to prevent the spread of the new virus in Halloween events, the CDC has issued guidelines for Halloween events, according to safety risks, the festival events are divided into three levels: low Risky activities include carving pumpkins, decorating houses, holding virtual costume competitions, and watching movies with family members together; medium-risk activities include open-air costume parades and outdoor costume parties, but participants should maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet; high-risk activities include trick or treat, participate in indoor haunted houses or parties. The official website of the CDC recommends that people adopt a safe way of celebration and try to choose family activities. LP Outdoors is look forward to next Halloween with you here!

Halloween is Only a Few Days Away







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