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Cleverly Use High-quality Aluminum Movable Sports Equestrian Tents to Light Up Your Event

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As we all know, some things need to be prepared before riding a horse, just like basic riding equipment: harness, helmet, leggings, equestrian gloves, all are essential. If you simply experience horseback riding, you still have to be mentally prepared. However, before large-scale horse riding competition events are held, the planning and arrangement of the venue are indispensable. The venue designer should consider the artistry of equestrian sports and organize relatively freely according to the specific conditions of the event venue, without violating the requirements of the official and the organizing committee. Equestrian competition events are generally divided into dressage, show jumping, and eventing. The dressage competition venue is 60 meters long and 20 meters wide. There are baffles around it, and mark on it to indicate the position of the contestants. The venue for the show jumping needs to be at least 2500 square meters or more, and more than ten obstacles are placed according to the pre-planned route.


Such a grand event will surely attract a lot of spectators. Then our high-quality aluminum alloy mobile sports horse racing tent can play its role. The high-quality equestrian tent has the characteristics of mobility, fast construction, and low cost, which can be very effective. It is well used in sports events and can be tailored to the size and needs of the venue. Compared with traditional buildings, mobile sports horse racing tents can be flexibly disassembled and assembled according to the needs of use, quickly moved or increased or reduced in size. The temporary horse racing aluminum tents can also be rented after short-term use. Movable sports horse racing tents do not require reinforced concrete, and there is no dust during the construction process. So it can also be directly erected on the original outdoor site without dismantling and remodeling. The required labor and material costs are greatly reduced, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.


Also, our LP Outdoors high-quality aluminum movable equestrian tent has the advantages of sun protection, wind resistance, rain resistance, rust prevention, and fire prevention. It can better protect athletes in outdoor venues and can also be used as a comfortable and reliable stand for the crowd to watch games. Are you ready to use our horse racing tent to light up your equestrian event? Choosing this high-quality aluminum alloy horse racing sports tent is definitely your best pre-race preparation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, LP Outdoors will provide you with the most suitable tent solution for you.

Cleverly Use High-quality Aluminum Movable Sports Equestrian Tents to Light Up Your Event crfoter







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