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Clear Span Party tent is your good choice

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With the development of the city, there are more and more large and small activities, including politics, culture, business, sports, entertainment, and so on. If the event is going to be held indoors, a hotel conference hall is often your only option. However, if you are building a temporary fabric structure outdoors, you can choose our high-quality Clear Span Party tent.

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  • Advantages of Clear Span Party tent

  • Why Clear Span Party tent is a good choice for you?

Advantages of Clear Span Party tent

1. Clear Span Party tent is well made. Aluminum alloy has low hardness, good formability, easy processing, and fast forming speed.

2. Clear Span Party tent has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance in media where ambient air, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide hinder chemical reactions. Because aluminum reacts with air to form alumina, alumina is inactive and has a barrier effect on water and air. Therefore, the service life of the aluminum alloy PVC event Tent will be longer than that of ordinary tents on the market.

3. The hardness of the aluminum alloy determines the service life of the aluminum material and affects the strength and stability of the tent structure. High-strength aluminum alloy material can withstand harsh environments. Therefore, our Clear Span Party tent adopts high-standard 6061-T6 HW16 aluminum material, which has high sturdiness and strength and can fully meet the needs of bad weather and large-span outdoor tents.

Why Clear Span Party tent is a good choice for you?

Extensive market demands have increased the demand for Clear Span Party tents. Before hosting a large party, venue planning and layout is essential. Such a grand event will surely attract many spectators. Then our Clear Span Party tent can play its role. The high-quality Clear Span Party Tent has the characteristics of strong mobility, fast construction, and low cost, and can play a very good effect. It works great at parties and can be customized to suit the size and needs of the venue. The Clear Span Party tent can be flexibly disassembled, moved quickly, and increased or decreased in size according to the needs of users. Clear Span Party tent does not require reinforced concrete, and there is no dust during construction. Therefore, it can also be erected directly on the original outdoor site without dismantling and rebuilding. The required labor and material costs are greatly reduced, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

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