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Can LP Outdoors Industrial Storage Aluminum Large Tent Use as the Manufacturing Factory?

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Tents are currently used more and more in the industrial field. Compared with traditional buildings, they are more economical and flexible. Therefore, many companies have begun to use aluminum alloy large-scale tents in their industrial applications such as raw material storage, logistics warehouses, and production workshops. But can it use as a factory?


To determine whether a large aluminum industrial warehouse tent is suitable for use as a factory, firstly, decide on whether it can meet the various spaces required by the factory and whether it can meet the daily use and operation of the factory, secondly whether the factory tent can handle various outdoor weather, and finally whether it can meet the requirements of long-term use.


Practical space: Generally, factories need a large area of space. At this point, large span aluminum industrial tents are fully satisfied. At present, LP Outdoors can provide conventional industrial tents with a span of 3-60 meters, with a 5m bay distance between meters extends infinitely, so it is no problem to create a factory space of tens of thousands of meters or even over. At the same time, the interior is a wide clear space, which is more convenient for various daily applications of the factory. In addition, there are many types of tents to choose from, which can meet the different space requirements of the factory such as office, storage, and workshop.


Stable safety: The mainframe is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the connecting parts are reinforced with galvanized steel parts so that it can resist strong wind in the outdoor routine, and it can also strengthen the tent by thickening the profile specifications. Safe and stable. Large industrial storage tents from LP Outdoors will calculate the safety range according to the local weather parameters, and then select the corresponding thickness to ensure the safety and stability of the tent in the local environment. There are also a variety of tent strengthening measures to choose from to ensure the safe use of the tent outdoors.


Long-term use: Because the aluminum material used basically has a service life of more than 20 years, and the aluminum alloy surface is also treated with anti-corrosion, the tent will not reduce its service life due to corrosion problems. The fabric of the tent is also double-sided polyester, which can effectively resist all kinds of external invasions in usual. If we can pay more attention to the daily use, our industrial large-scale aluminum alloy factory warehouse tents can better extend life.


More details of the large industrial warehouse factory tent in our LP Outdoors office web page, also please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

Can LP Outdoors Industrial Storage Aluminum Large Span Tent Use as the Manufacturing Factory?







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