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Applications And Advantages Of Aluminum Pvc Temporary Building

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The fiery tourism economic market has driven many scenic spots. With the changes of the times, many scenic spots are being upgraded, and even a large number of new scenic spots are under planning and construction. In many cases, the outdoor supporting space of scenic spots has an Aluminum PVC Temporary building. Next, let's take a look at the applications and advantages of Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings.

Here is the content list:

  • Aluminum PVC Temporary building is suitable for tourist attractions.

  • Relative advantages of Aluminum PVC Temporary building.

Aluminum PVC Temporary building is suitable for tourist attractions.

For a large-scale tourist attraction, comprehensive supporting services are necessary, such as service areas with functions such as reception, consultation, and ticket sales, large-scale dining areas, entertainment areas, etc. are all indispensable, and conventional Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings can provide these facilities provide a large public space. Compared with using fixed buildings, using temporary Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings to create such a space for scenic spots has the advantages of lower cost, faster efficiency, and no damage to the surrounding environment. Moreover, the Aluminum PVC Temporary building adopts an aluminum alloy frame, which is resistant to wind and snow and is a large and safe building that is very suitable for long-term use in tourist attractions.

For large public places such as tourist attractions, the Aluminum PVC Temporary building technology is mature, with a span of 3-60 meters and an infinitely extended prefabricated structure, which can easily create a super large temporary building space of thousands of square meters. Moreover, an Aluminum PVC Temporary building can also be equipped with complete facilities such as glass curtain walls, carpets, lighting, air conditioning, etc., to create practical public spaces of various sizes for scenic spots.

Relative advantages of Aluminum PVC Temporary building.

There are always several keywords in the safety data report of Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings: hot-dip galvanizing, flame retardant rate, and wind resistance. But specifically, what impact do these standards have on the safety performance of Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings?

1. Hot-dip galvanizing

Usually, the thickness of the electro-galvanized layer is only 5-15 μm, while the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer is generally above 35 μm, even as high as 200 μm. In addition, the mechanism of zinc resistance to atmospheric corrosion includes mechanical protection and electrochemical protection. Its oxide can form a dense oxide film on the surface to prevent air from entering the steel matrix. If the surface layer is scratched, it will immediately form a new layer. Even if damage endangers the steel base, there is electrochemical protection. Zinc is more reactive than iron, so it is consumed as an anode in zinc-iron micro batteries and as a cathode without damaging the steel substrate. The zinc layer of the Aluminum PVC Temporary building is more than 60 μm, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

2. Flame retardant rate

The tarpaulin flame retardant standard of Aluminum PVC Temporary building reaches the B1/M2 level of German DIN4102-1. The tarpaulin is burned in a vertical array, the ignition source is a ring burner, and the test time is 10 minutes. The standard for level B1 is that the average remaining length is not less than 150mm, and the remaining length of any sample cannot be 0; the average flue gas temperature does not exceed 220°C; other accidents are not allowed. One of the most feared situations for the Tent is fire, and our tarpaulin has a very high flame retardant standard. Once a fire is found, it can be extinguished quickly to protect the people and objects in the tent.

3. Wind resistance

Another natural enemy of Aluminum PVC Temporary buildings is wind. The wind has a great test on temporary structures. The stronger the wind that can withstand the force of the wind, the stronger the Aluminum PVC Temporary building will be. The minimum wind resistance starting point of an Aluminum PVC Temporary building is 80km/h, which is equivalent to gale force 9.

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