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A 1,000 People Large Marquee Party Tent Customized by LPoutdoors for the Beer Festival

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The summer is passing, but the hot weather still makes people feel bored. At this time, if people can drink a bottle of cold beer, it is really enjoyable. Throughout the summer, in general, many cities across the country have carried out beer festivals. In addition to beer at those festivals, there is also a necessary thing is the Customized Large Marquee Tent that can accommodate 1000 people, which brings cool. LPOUTDOORS in Dongguan can tell you why you must choose a custom-made large party tent for 1,000 people.

A 1,000 People Large Marquee Party Tent Customized by LPoutdoors for the Beer Festival

Beer festivals are generally large in scale, so the requirements for the venue are relatively high. And it is not easy to find temporary venues for holding events with thousands of people. The customized large marquee tent for 1,000 people has a large space span and adopts modular construction, which can be extended indefinitely. Regardless of the size of the site, it can meet the requirement.


The frame structure and cover production technology of the custom-made large party tent for 1,000 people beer festival are relatively mature, so this type of large tent has the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, fire resistance and pollution resistance. In addition, there are many styles of large marquee party tents customized for such activities, which can be installed and equipped with other materials and equipment to meet the requirements of great appearance and function, which can be described as very practical and diverse.


Compared with traditional buildings, the large marquee tents customized for events have the characteristics of flexibility and convenience, and the cost of construction is also far lower, which undoubtedly reduces the cost of events for the holding beer festivals. In addition, for many activities similar to the summer beerfest, the atmosphere will directly determine the success of the event, while the large marquee party tent custom-made for the event that can accommodate 1,000 people can also be built outdoors, which brings a unique experience that traditional structure can’t compare of.


At last, customized large marquee party tents for 1,000 people have been widely used in beer festival activities, such as the domestic Qingdao International Beer Festival, Harbin International Beer Festival, Beijing Beer Festival, Dalian Beer Festival and so on.


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