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14 Requirements Can Eextend the Service Life of Outdoor Rental Aluminum Alloy Tents

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With its immediacy, large span, natural lighting, long life, good appearancel and other outstanding performance, the tent replace traditional architectural forms and fulfill people's various requirements. The tent is mainly composed of two parts, one is the aluminum alloy main frame, and the other is the tarpaulin. Generally speaking, the life of aluminum structure is as long as 10 years, and the life of tarpaulin is about 5-8 years. According to our many years of experience in exporting tents and marquees to countries around the world, in order to allow every customer to better maintain and extend the tents, we LP Outdoors are here to share with you how to correctly extend the service life of outdoor rental tents.

1. Before installing, you should read the method carefully, or watch the installation video provided by LP Outdoors for each customer, so as not to affect the use effect;

2. Avoid sharp objects scratching the tent. The integrity of the tent tarpaulin is the premise to ensure waterproof and windproof functionality;

3. After the tent is used up, all the spare parts should be collected for reuse;

4. After disassembling and assembling the parts of the tent, please note that the load on each bracket shall not exceed 200KG when stacking;

5. During the transportation, it should be handled carefully, and outer packaging should be prevented from damage to avoid losing the accessories of the outdoor tent;

6. If you use electrical appliances in the tent, please note that the wires and the iron bracket must be well insulated, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock;

7. Before setting up, you must carefully look around and stay away from camps with rolling rocks, rolling logs and those weathered rocks above;

8. Do not set up tents near river banks or on dry river beds during the dry season;

9. To prevent lightning strikes, please do not set up on the tops of mountains or in open fields. If necessary, please consider installing lightning rods;

10. When installing on mud or sand, ditches can be dug around to ensure the dryness of the ground in the canopy;

11. Although the tarp is flame retardant, if you need to cook in the tent, please keep the flame away from the tarp or use a fireproof board to isolate the flame. People should not leave when cooking, and should install an exhaust fan to remove oily smoke, and place fire extinguishing equipment around the tent ;

12. Please remove the tent in advance when the local wind force is predicted to exceed ten levels;

13. Before storing, be sure to fold the tarp after it is dry, and. If it is too late to dry, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid staining and mildew. The storage environment requires avoiding exposure to the sun to prevent yellowing;

14. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the tarp regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and damage the rainproof coating of the tent.


Many customers are very worried about the service life and safety of our tents at the beginning. In fact, as long as we strictly follow our operation methods and guidelines, the service life of the tents can be maintained for many years, and in terms of cost, they can definitely be used. Therefore, in terms of economic efficiency and safety performance, our LP Outdoors Tent is the best choice.

14 Requirements Can Eextend the Service Life of Outdoor Rental Aluminum Alloy Tents







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